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In Enshrouded, Non-Playable Character (NPC) figures play a crucial role in helping you navigate the game successfully. It's vital to unlock all of them in the Springlands region at your earliest opportunity. Once unlocked, engage in their quests to progressively unlock new crafting recipies.

Our Enshrouded guide includes a dedicated page providing links to character overviews for each of the Craftspeople, offering valuable insights into their roles and quest walkthroughs and a guide on how to unlock each one.

All Craftspeople

Name Image Location Quest Production Places
Alchemist Enshrouded Alchemist.webp Ancient Vault - Alchemist Powerful Alchemy Mortar
Grinding Stones
Alchemy Station
Black Cauldron
Blacksmith Enshrouded Blacksmith.webp Ancient Vault - Blacksmith Find the Sleeping Survivor Forge
Charcoal Kiln
Smithing Tools
Carpenter Enshrouded Carpenter.webp Ancient Vault - Carpenter Carpentry Assistance Table Saw
Wooden Bucket
Water Well
Improved Water Well
Circular Sawblades
Masonry Tools
Farmer Enshrouded Farmer.webp Ancient Vault - Farmer Growing Stronger Together Seedbed
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
Beehive Smoker
Honey Beehive
Hunter Enshrouded Hunter.webp Ancient Vault - Hunter Hunter Becomes the Hunted Drying Rack
Hand Spindle
Tanning Station
Spinning Wheel

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