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UC Vanguard Space Helmet.webp

Unique Weapons in Starfield have a unique name, visual appearance, weapon mods and Depending on the unique weapon rarity (Rare, Epic or Legendary), it can have 1-3 pre-defined Weapon Effects that further enhance damage capabilities. For example, it may do double damage to targets who are full health.

Unlike the low chance of finding legendary weapons in loot, unique weapons have guaranteed locations where they can be found. This means you can prioritise on finding the best unique weapon location for your character build early on in your playthrough.

Below you will find a list of all the unique pistol locations in Starfield along with the weapon ID which can be used to add the weapon to your inventory using console commands.

Name Image Physical Energy Electromagnetic Thermal Airborne Corrosive Radiation Mass Value Item ID
Gran-Gran's Space Helmet Gran-Gran's Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance26 Energy Resistance42 Electromagnetic Resistance34 Thermal Resistance20 Airborne Resistance5 Corrosive Resistance15 Radiation Resistance10 2.42 1644 001F22BC
Mantis Space Helmet Mantis Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance54 Energy Resistance46 Electromagnetic Resistance50 Thermal Resistance20 Airborne Resistance25 Corrosive Resistance10 Radiation Resistance0 5.4 8270 0016640A
Old Earth Space Helmet Old Earth Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance74 Energy Resistance58 Electromagnetic Resistance66 Thermal Resistance20 Airborne Resistance0 Corrosive Resistance5 Radiation Resistance5 2.6 5350 0003084D
Peacemaker Space Helmet Peacemaker Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance32 Energy Resistance40 Electromagnetic Resistance36 Thermal Resistance10 Airborne Resistance0 Corrosive Resistance20 Radiation Resistance0 1 2290 0013F97B
Ranger Space Helmet Ranger Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance44 Energy Resistance36 Electromagnetic Resistance40 Thermal Resistance5 Airborne Resistance20 Corrosive Resistance0 Radiation Resistance0 3.2 2505 001E2AC1
SY-920 Pilot Space Helmet SY-920 Pilot Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance18 Energy Resistance34 Electromagnetic Resistance26 Thermal Resistance5 Airborne Resistance5 Corrosive Resistance0 Radiation Resistance20 2.9 1585 002F4B39
UC AntiXeno Space Helmet UC AntiXeno Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance44 Energy Resistance42 Electromagnetic Resistance46 Thermal Resistance10 Airborne Resistance0 Corrosive Resistance0 Radiation Resistance20 4.8 3072 0020612E
UC Vanguard Space Helmet UC Vanguard Space Helmet.webp Physical Resistance34 Energy Resistance36 Electromagnetic Resistance38 Thermal Resistance5 Airborne Resistance20 Corrosive Resistance0 Radiation Resistance5 2.2 2540 00248C0E

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