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Location Ancient Vault - Alchemist
Production Places Mortar
Grinding Stones
Alchemy Station
Black Cauldron

Alchemist, Balthazar is among the five unlockable Craftspeople in Enshrouded. Specializing in crafting Magical Weapons and Staff Charges and Mage Armor Sets. This Enshrouded guide provides a step-by-step explanation along with an overview of the Alchemist's equipment and crafting abilities.

How to Unlock the Alchemist

You can unlock the Alchemist either during the quest Powerful Alchemy or by directly going to the Ancient Vault - Alchemist location. The vault is located in far western part of the Springlands. Once the Alchemist is found, use the Summoning Staff to bring him to your base. Ensure that you place him under a roof so he counts as being "sheltered."

Alchemist Quests

The Alchemist offers a series of quests easily identifiable by the small potion bottle icon.

Quest Name Reward/Unlock
Powerful Alchemy Unlocks the Alchemist
An Eternal Spell Eternal Ice Bolt Spell
● 75 XP
The Alchemist's Rumors Scavenger Matron Head
● Improved Grappling Hook Recipe
● 75 XP
The Alchemist's Mortar Mortar
● 150 XP
Carpentry Assistance ●Unlocks the Carpenter
● 150 XP
A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist Black Cauldron crafting recipies
● 150 XP
Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory Scientific Instruments and ability to craft a Laboratory
● 150 XP
Carpentry Assistance Unlocks the Carpenter

Alchemist Production Places

Every unlockable survivor in the game comes with unique production places and workshop items that can either be crafted or obtained through specific retrieval quests. Once you've successfully retrieved and created these workshops, you'll unlock new crafting recipes.

Name Image Unlock Resources Type Description
Mortar Enshrouded Mortar.webp ● 5x Sand
● 10x Lump of Clay
● 3x Sulfur
● 2x Nitrate
● 5x Charcoal
Tools & Components Enhances Alchemist crafting abilities
Grinding Stones Enshrouded Grinding Stones.webp ● 10x Flintstone
● 15x Stone
Production Place Grinds down materials to powder
Alchemy Station Enshrouded Alchemy Station.webp ● 20x Fired Brick
● 6x Wood Planks
● 10x Nails
● 3x Wood Logs
● 5x Copper Bars
● 1 Black Cauldron
Production Place Used to create better Staff Charges, and alchemy materials
Laboratory Enshrouded Laboratory.webp ● 1x Scientific Instruments
● 1x Athanor
● 40x Fired Brick
● 10x Copper Bars
● 3x Glass
Production Place Expands the Alchemist crafting abilities even further
Black Cauldron Enshrouded Black Cauldron.webp ● 3x Iron Bars
● 2x Copper Bars
● 2x Obsidian Ore
● 15x Bonemeal
Tools & Components A centerpiece for the Alchemy Station
Athanor Enshrouded Athanor.webp ● 10x Glass
● 10x Bronze Bars
● 5x Lump of Clay
Tools & Components An Oven that's needed to make the Laboratory
Scientific Instruments Enshrouded Scientific Instruments.webp ● 10x Glass
● 10x Bronze Bars
● 5x Iron Bars
● 20x Charcoal
Tools & Components Used to craft a Laboratory.

Alchemist Benefits

Mage Armor and Staff Crafting

The Alchemist will unlock new Staffs, Healer and Mage armor sets. You can find a list of all the unlockable Armor Sets Here. As you complete the Alchemist quests and collect more materials he will provide you with more Wizard armor recipes to craft.

Spell Crafting

The Alchemist can craft Spell Charges for staffs of varying power levels. These include Chain Heal, Fireball, Ice Bolt, Chain Lightning and many even some Eternal Spells that have unlimited ammo. The more powerful spells can be unlocked as you gather more materials to craft them.

Potion Crafting

The Alchemist can craft several different potions that are essential for survival in Enshrouded. This range from Health Potions, Enshrouded:Mana Potions|Mana Potions]] and Shroud Survival Flasks which extend your time limit while exploring the Shroud.


The Alchemist questline will unlock new workstations that can be used to process new Alchemy ingredients used in potion and spell crafting.

Crafting Categories

All Craftspeople

Name Image Location Quest Production Places
Alchemist Enshrouded Alchemist.webp Ancient Vault - Alchemist Powerful Alchemy Mortar
Grinding Stones
Alchemy Station
Black Cauldron
Blacksmith Enshrouded Blacksmith.webp Ancient Vault - Blacksmith Find the Sleeping Survivor Forge
Charcoal Kiln
Smithing Tools
Carpenter Enshrouded Carpenter.webp Ancient Vault - Carpenter Carpentry Assistance Table Saw
Wooden Bucket
Water Well
Improved Water Well
Circular Sawblades
Masonry Tools
Farmer Enshrouded Farmer.webp Ancient Vault - Farmer Growing Stronger Together Seedbed
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
Beehive Smoker
Honey Beehive
Hunter Enshrouded Hunter.webp Ancient Vault - Hunter Hunter Becomes the Hunted Drying Rack
Hand Spindle
Tanning Station
Spinning Wheel

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