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Enshrouded:Animal Fur

Animal Fur
Animal Fur
Type Animal
Location Global
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Animal Fur is a early game Material Resource in Enshrouded obtained from both hostile and non-hostile animals.

How to get the Animal Fur

Animal Fur can be obtained by defeating most animals in Enshrouded, though sometimes they will not drop it. Here are some tips and tricks for obtaining animal fur from hunting:

  • Craft a Bow and shoot non hostile creatures like sheep and rabbits, they will drop animal fur, meat and sometimes bones.
  • Run after non hostile animals and take them down in melee.
  • Defeat aggressive animals such as wolves who will also drop wolf meat, bones and animal fur.
  • Wolves will often hunt sheep and rabbits which you can then loot afterwards for animal fur.

Crafting Categories

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