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Location Ancient Vault - Blacksmith
Production Places Forge
Charcoal Kiln
Smithing Tools

Oswald Anders, known as the Blacksmith, is one of the skilled Craftsmen you can unlock in the game Enshrouded.

As you embark on your journey, the Blacksmith becomes a crucial ally in providing the best melee Armor Sets to withstand the initial challenges of the game, along with upgraded tools to enhance your capabilities. If you're curious to delve deeper into the Blacksmith's role, our Enshrouded guide offers a comprehensive overview. It covers all you need to know about the Blacksmith's equipment and crafting abilities, ensuring you are well-equipped for your adventures in the game.

How to Unlock the Blacksmith

Unlocking the Blacksmith in the game is possible right from the beginning, specifically during the "Find the Sleeping Survivor" quest. To locate the Blacksmith's Ancient Vault, head just northwest of your base across the broken bridge. Once you've discovered him, use the Summoning Staff to bring him to your base. Ensure that you place him under a roof so he counts as being "sheltered."

Blacksmith Quests

After unlocking the Blacksmith, you can start his series of quests. The blacksmith quests are marked by a hammer and pliers icon in your journal.

Quest Name Reward/Unlock
Find the Sleeping Survivor Unlocks the Blacksmith
Clear the Elixir Well ● Skill Point
Fell Thunderbrute Head
● 150 XP
Forge a Weapon Scrappy Crafting
● 75 XP
Glider Glider
● 75 XP
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook
● 75 XP
The Ancient Spire Ancient Spire Fast Travel Point
● 150 XP
Crucible Needed for a Smelter Crucible for Smelting
● 150 XP
Reach the Capital, Pikemead's Reach Fell Wispwyvern Head
● 150 XP
The Blacksmith's Request Smithing Tools
● 150 XP

Blacksmith Production Places

Every unlockable survivor in the game comes with unique production places and workshop items that can either be crafted or obtained through specific retrieval quests. Once you've successfully retrieved and created these workshops, you'll unlock new crafting recipes.

Name Image Unlock Resources Type Description
Charcoal Kiln Enshrouded Charcoal Kiln.webp ● 20x Stone Production Place Uses Wood to create a variety of Charcoal-related items.
Crucible Enshrouded Crucible.webp ● 5x Sand
● 3x Lump of Clay
● 3x Dirt
Tools & Components Item to be used with a Smelter.
Forge Enshrouded Forge.webp ● 30x Stone
● 10x Metal Scraps
● 10x Charcoal
● 12x Wood Logs
Production Place Unlocks new crafting recipies for Blacksmith
Smelter Enshrouded Smelter.webp ● 50x Fired Brick
● 1 Crucible
Production Place Smelts metal ores into metal alloys.
Smithing Tools Enshrouded Smithing Tools.webp ● 5x Wood Logs
● 3x Steel
Tools & Components Enhances the Blacksmith's crafting.

Blacksmith Benefits

Weapon Upgrades

The Blacksmith can upgrade your weapons beyond their current level, this increases their damage and unlocks additional bonus effects.

Armor and Weapon Crafting

The Blacksmith will unlock new Tank and Warrior armor sets. You can find a list of all the unlockable Armor Sets Here. As you complete the Blacksmiths quests and collect more materials he will provide you with more armor recipes to craft.

He will also craft more durable pickaxes and woodcutting axes that can be used to mine and cut higher tier materials.

Material Production

The Blacksmith gives you access to several new workshops like the: Smelter, Kiln and Forge that can turn Metal Scraps to Metal Sheets.

Crafting Categories

All Craftspeople

Name Image Location Quest Production Places
Alchemist Enshrouded Alchemist.webp Ancient Vault - Alchemist Powerful Alchemy Mortar
Grinding Stones
Alchemy Station
Black Cauldron
Blacksmith Enshrouded Blacksmith.webp Ancient Vault - Blacksmith Find the Sleeping Survivor Forge
Charcoal Kiln
Smithing Tools
Carpenter Enshrouded Carpenter.webp Ancient Vault - Carpenter Carpentry Assistance Table Saw
Wooden Bucket
Water Well
Improved Water Well
Circular Sawblades
Masonry Tools
Farmer Enshrouded Farmer.webp Ancient Vault - Farmer Growing Stronger Together Seedbed
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
Beehive Smoker
Honey Beehive
Hunter Enshrouded Hunter.webp Ancient Vault - Hunter Hunter Becomes the Hunted Drying Rack
Hand Spindle
Tanning Station
Spinning Wheel

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