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Location Ancient Vault - Carpenter
Production Places Table Saw
Wooden Bucket
Water Well
Improved Water Well
Circular Sawblades
Masonry Tools

The Carpenter, Cade Hawthorn, is among the five unlockable Craftspeople in the game Enshrouded.

His expertise lies in crafting storage, upgrading the Glider and furniture that enhances the comfort of your base, increasing the well-rested buff you get. Here's everything you need to know about the Carpenter, offering insights into his equipment and crafting abilities for a comprehensive understanding.

How to Unlock the Carpenter

You can unlock the Carpenter at the Ancient Vault - Carpenter located in far eastern part of the Springlands. Once found, use the Summoning Staff to bring him to your base. Ensure that you place him under a roof so he counts as being "sheltered."

Note that if you unlock the Alchemist first you can get the quest Carpentry Assistance, to unlock the Carpenter. This quest will reward you with an additional 75 XP. But you do not need to activate the quest before rescuing him.

Carpenter Quests

After unlocking the Carpenter, a series of quests dedicated to him becomes available, distinguishable by the saw and wooden plank icons.

Quest Name Reward/Unlock
Carpentry Assistance Unlocks the Carpenter
The Queen's Tomb Pikemead's Bulwark Shield
● 75 XP
Table Saw for the Carpenter Circular Sawblades
Table Saw
● 150 XP
A Graceful Flight Advanced Glider
● 75 XP
Find Masonry Tools Masonry Tools
● 150 XP
Sun Temple Stories Fell Sicklescythe Head
● 150 XP

Carpenter Production Places

Every unlockable survivor in the game comes with unique production places and workshop items that can either be crafted or obtained through specific retrieval quests. Once you've successfully retrieved and created these workshops, you'll unlock new crafting recipes.

Name Image Unlock Resources Type Description
Circular Sawblades Enshrouded Circular Sawblades.webp - Tools & Components -
Improved Water Well Enshrouded Improved Water Well.webp ● 20x Linen
● 100x Sandstone
● 1 Wooden Bucket
● 2x Iron Bars
Production Place A even better way to get water
Kiln Enshrouded Kiln.webp ● 50x Stone
● 10x Lump of Clay
● 10x Metal Scraps
● 2x Twigs
Production Place Use Clay and Wood Logs to get Fired Brick
Masonry Tools Enshrouded Masonry Tools.webp - Tools & Components -
Table Saw Enshrouded Table Saw.webp ● 8x Wood Logs
● 10x Nails
● 1 Circular Sawblades
Production Place Turn Wood Logs into Wooden Planks and expand the Carpenter's crafting abilities
Water Well Enshrouded Water Well.webp ● 20x Linen
● 100x Stone
● 1 Wooden Bucket
Production Place No need to rely on looting anymore with your very own well of water!
Wooden Bucket Enshrouded Wooden Bucket.webp ● 2x Wood Planks
● 1x Metal Sheets
● 1x Charcoal
Production Place Requirement for your own Water Well

Carpenter Benefits

Magic Chest Storage

The Carpenter can craft Magic chests in both medium and small sizes. Materials placed inside a Magic Chest can be used in any manual crafting efforts across the base, as if they were in your own inventory. For example if you store stone in the chest you can then craft stone blocks without having any stone in your inventory. This makes organisation of materials much less annoying.

Glider & Grappling Hook Upgrades

The Carpenter will unlock recipes for improved variations of both the Glider and Grappling Hook. These can be unlocked progressively by completing the Carpenters quests.

You can find a list of all the legendary Gliders and Grappling Hooks and how to get them here.

Well-Rested Buff

The Well-Rested buff is possibly the best stat boost you can get in Enshrouded, the Carpenter assists with extending the length of the well-rested buff by improving comfort levels in your base. Once he's part of your base, you gain the ability to craft a range of furniture, from beds to fireplaces, tables, and torches. As you progress in the game and acquire better resources and more of his tools, the quality of furniture you can create improves, significantly boosting the comfort level and extending the rested buff duration.

Crafting Categories

All Craftspeople

Name Image Location Quest Production Places
Alchemist Enshrouded Alchemist.webp Ancient Vault - Alchemist Powerful Alchemy Mortar
Grinding Stones
Alchemy Station
Black Cauldron
Blacksmith Enshrouded Blacksmith.webp Ancient Vault - Blacksmith Find the Sleeping Survivor Forge
Charcoal Kiln
Smithing Tools
Carpenter Enshrouded Carpenter.webp Ancient Vault - Carpenter Carpentry Assistance Table Saw
Wooden Bucket
Water Well
Improved Water Well
Circular Sawblades
Masonry Tools
Farmer Enshrouded Farmer.webp Ancient Vault - Farmer Growing Stronger Together Seedbed
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
Beehive Smoker
Honey Beehive
Hunter Enshrouded Hunter.webp Ancient Vault - Hunter Hunter Becomes the Hunted Drying Rack
Hand Spindle
Tanning Station
Spinning Wheel

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