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Enshrouded:Critter Parts

Critter Parts
Critter Parts
Type Animal
Location Shroud
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Critter Parts are a Material Resource found in Enshrouded that are used to make Bug Dust.

How to get the Critter Parts

Critter parts can be obtained in the following ways.

  • The fastest method to farm Critter Parts is by entering the Shroud and defeating the bugs that often burrow out from the ground to attack you in swarms. Their very weak and easy to defeat in melee.
  • Critter Parts can also be obtained by smaller bug like creatures, like the spiders found in the Revelwood caves.

Function of Critter Parts

Currently Critter parts are only used to craft Bug Dust for use in other recipes.

Crafting Categories

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