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Location Ancient Vault - Farmer
Production Places Seedbed
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
Beehive Smoker
Honey Beehive

The Farmer, Emily Fray is one of the five unlockable Craftspeople in Enshrouded. She can show you how to farm unlimited resources and can cook special meals with attribute enhancing benefits. This Enshrouded guide provides a step-by-step explanation along with an overview of the Farmer's equipment and crafting abilities.

How to Unlock the Farmer

You can unlock the Farmer either during the quest Powerful Alchemy or by directly traveling to the Ancient Vault - Farmer location. The vault is located directly north from the Springlands, it can be seen from atop the tower.

Once the Farmer is found, use the Summoning Staff to bring her to your base. Ensure that you place her under a roof so he counts as being "sheltered."

Farmer Quests

The Alchemist offers a series of quests identifiable by the small plant icon next to them.

Quest Name Reward/Unlock
Growing Stronger Together Unlocks the Farmer
Reclaim the Wilderness ● Unlocks the Ancient Spire in Revelwood
● 150 XP
Fireplace for the Farmer Fireplace
● 150 XP
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings for the Farmer Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
● Unlocks the ability to craft an Oven
● 150 XP

Farmer Production Places

Every unlockable survivor in the game comes with unique production places and workshop items that can either be crafted or obtained through specific retrieval quests. Once you've successfully retrieved and created these workshops, you'll unlock new crafting recipes.

Name Image Unlock Resources Type Description
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings Enshrouded Almanach of Plants and Seedlings.webp ● 25x Paper
● 5x String
Tools & Components Improves the seedlings you can make
Beehive Smoker Enshrouded Beehive Smoker.webp ● 2x Sand
● 3x Lump of Clay
● 3x String
Tools & Components Unlocks a Craftable Honey Beehive
Fireplace Enshrouded Fireplace.webp ● 4x Flintstone
● 1 Kettle
● 10x Stone
● 2x Metal Scraps
Production Place A basic way to cook meals
Honey Beehive Enshrouded Honey Beehive.webp ● 4x Wood Logs
● 20x Straw
● 4x Lump of Clay
Production Place Produce Honey and Wax in abundance with this
Kettle Enshrouded Kettle.webp ● 5x Metal Sheets Tools & Components Used to craft a Fireplace.
Oven Enshrouded Oven.webp ● 20x Fired Brick
● 5x Lump of Clay
● 5x Metal Sheets
Production Place Allows you to cook a whole range of new food options
Seedbed Enshrouded Seedbed.webp ● 10x Wood Logs
● 2x Metal Scraps
● 10x Farm Soil
Production Place Turn the food and plants you find into seedlings that you can grow yourself

Farmer Benefits

Farming Plants

The biggest bennfit of the Farmer is unlocking the ability to Farm plants from seeds. This is invaluable during the late game so you can farm unlimited resources like Flax or Twigs for crafting arrows.

Food Recipes

Once you unlock the Farmers Fireplace or Oven you can craft new food recipes that substantially buff your characters stats, providing more health, stamina and mana and allowing you to survive combat encounters you would otherwise struggle with. You can find a full list of all the food recipes in the Consumable section of the wiki.

Crafting Categories

All Craftspeople

Name Image Location Quest Production Places
Alchemist Enshrouded Alchemist.webp Ancient Vault - Alchemist Powerful Alchemy Mortar
Grinding Stones
Alchemy Station
Black Cauldron
Blacksmith Enshrouded Blacksmith.webp Ancient Vault - Blacksmith Find the Sleeping Survivor Forge
Charcoal Kiln
Smithing Tools
Carpenter Enshrouded Carpenter.webp Ancient Vault - Carpenter Carpentry Assistance Table Saw
Wooden Bucket
Water Well
Improved Water Well
Circular Sawblades
Masonry Tools
Farmer Enshrouded Farmer.webp Ancient Vault - Farmer Growing Stronger Together Seedbed
Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
Beehive Smoker
Honey Beehive
Hunter Enshrouded Hunter.webp Ancient Vault - Hunter Hunter Becomes the Hunted Drying Rack
Hand Spindle
Tanning Station
Spinning Wheel

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