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Type Animal
Location Nomad Highlands
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

The Feather is a Material Resource in Enshrouded obtained by defeating birds. Feathers can be used to craft high level arrows for bows.

A feather of a bird or creatures of the some kind. Weighing next to nothing, it has to be useful for something.

How to get the Feather

  • To get feathers in Enshrouded you must travel to the Nomad Highlands or the higher level region of the Kindlewastes. The arid desert region of the map. Once their you will find small bright coloured birds (Lesser Red Birds) that drop feathers, these animals are not aggressive and can be taken easily out at range. They also drop Raw Bird Meat.
  • The larger aggressive Giant Red Birds will drop 2-3 feathers once defeated, they can be found in the Kindlewastes.

Crafting Recipes

Feathers can be used to craft the following items:

Crafting Categories

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