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Type Plant
Location Revelwood
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can be Farmed
Rarity Common

Flax is a plant Material Resource found in Enshrouded that can be farmed once harvested.

How to get the Flax

  • You can only find Flax growing in the Revelwood region of the map. It appears as a green plant with purple flowers. Flax is scattered around the land in the woodland areas and must be harvested to unlock the Flax seedling.
  • Flax can be grown in a Seedbed after you get a seedling from harvesting Flax in the wilderness. Its strongly suggested to set up an Flax farm in your base, since this is the best way of getting an efficient source of Flax for end game armor crafting recipes.

Plant Farming Guide

You can follow the Enshrouded Farming Guide for a step by step tutorial on how to farm Flax.

Crafting Categories

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