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Type Ore/Mineral
Location Springlands
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Flintstone is a ore Material Resource found in Enshrouded that can be mined. Flint is used to craft spells, arrows and workstations.

A soft small rock that became famous for its ability to release sparks. It has been associated with the Flame ever since.

How to get the Flintstone

Where to get Flintstone?

To get Flint you must mine flint. You can find Flint to mine in the starting area of the Springlands. You can find flintstone it at the following locations:

  • Two Flintstone deposits can be found close to the Cinder Vault and the starting base area. The first is on a cliffside just north of the Cinder Vault.
  • The second Flintstone vein is deceptively large. Its located in the ground on the small grassy hill near the small ruin, just northwest of your starting base location and northeast of Longkeep. This is the best Flint farm location for mining flintstone (as shown in the video guide above).

You can reset the resources in the world by exiting to the main menu and logging back in. This can be done on either a private solo sever, or by the host of a sever.

Flintstone Crafting Recipes

This is a list of all the recipes in Enshrouded that use Flintstone

Crafting Categories

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