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Enshrouded:Luminous Growth

Luminous Growth
Luminous Growth
Type Ore/Mineral
Location Revelwood
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Luminous Growth is a Material Resource found in Enshrouded, it mainly forms in caves and must be mined with a pickaxe.

How to get the Luminous Growth

You will typically find Luminous Growth in caves, especially around the Revelwood.

  • Luminous Growth is found in the same cave where you find the Hunters quest to retrieve her Spindle, unfortunately the cave is infested with spider enemies.
  • You can find a Luminous Growth farm location with no enemies in an unmarked cave system at the base of the cliffs south east from Willow Crush (As seen in the video guide below at 5:45).

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