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Enshrouded:Metal Scraps

Metal Scraps
Metal Scraps
Type Ore/Mineral
Location Springlands
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Metal Scraps are a Material Resource found in Enshrouded used in a variety of crafting recipes.

How to get the Metal Scraps

Metal Scrap can be found in the following locations.

Metal Scraps cannot be crafted, you can only find Metal Scraps in the environment in several possible locations:

  • Metal scrap is commonly dropped by Scavengers once defeated. You can find a high concentration of Scavengers in camps and settlements throughout the world, and sometimes within castles or temple ruins. Defeating these enemies will almost always provide you with some metal scraps. The best location to farm metal scraps from Scavengers early, is in the location Rookmore (directly north west from the starting area).
  • You can find Metal Scraps on tables and benches within the Scavenger Camps and Settlements that can be picked up. Metal scraps can be found in the searchable containers of junk metal lying around.
  • You can sometimes find Metal Scrap by destroying boxes and linen containers that clutter towns and villages. But its important to note that Metal scrap will drop more frequently from boxes within scavenger camps.
  • Note that its possible to reset both containers, searched junk and Scavenger enemies by logging out of a solo private game world and re-joining. This technique is the best way to farm metal scrap quickly in Enshrouded.

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