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Enshrouded:Mint Mushroom Meat

Mint Mushroom Meat
Mint Mushroom Meat
Type Plant
Location Shroud
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Mint Mushroom Meat is a plant Material Resource found in Enshrouded from giant mushrooms. The material is commonly used in recopies for crafting armor sets.

How to get the Mint Mushroom Meat

Mint Mushroom Meat is obtained from the large green mushrooms in the Nomad Highlands. This region is one of the later areas you’ll access to. The Nomad Highlands is located on the far east of the map just before the Kindlewastes. Your Flame Altar will need to be at least Level 4 before you can enter the area to farm Mint Mushroom Meat.

Once you reach this area you can farm Mint Mushroom Meat in the shrouded areas of the Nomad Highlands – specifically in the areas blanketed with a green fog. The mushroom itself appears as a large green mushrooms.

Crafting Categories

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