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Type Plant
Location Shroud
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

Mycelium is a ore like Material Resource found in Enshrouded and can be mined with a pickaxe. Its used to upgrade the Flame Altar level and create alchemy ingredients.

Mycelium of mushrooms that have been absorbing the magical properties of the Shroud. Could this be used for alchemical purposes?

How to get the Mycelium

Mycelium can be found in the Shroud. All the walls that appear to be covered in textured corral like mushroom growth can be mined for Mycelium. Once you’ve located the correct surface of chorral like mushrooms, you can equip your pickaxe and harvest the Mycelium.

Some Mycelium deposits stretch beyond the Shrouds reach, this allows you to mine it without adventuring into the shroud, as shown in the video guide above.

Mycelium Flame Altar Upgrade

Mycelium is required to upgrade your Flame Altar from level three to four in Enshrouded. The upgraded Flame Altar provides you with the following benefits: Increases the different levels of Enshrouded zones you can enter, increasing your characters attribute points, as well as boosts to your time in the Shroud and how many Flame Altars you can have active on the map.

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