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Enshrouded:Poison Sack

Poison Sack
Poison Sack
Type Plant
Location Revelwood
Requirements None
Crafting Recipe Can't Be Crafted
Rarity Common

The Poison Sack is a Material Resource found in Enshrouded, that can be harvested from plants and animals.

How to get the Poison Sack

You can get Poison Sacks in the following ways:

  • Defeating the orange living plants in Revelwood. This can be done safely at range with a bow, since the orange plant has a limited range to its attacks.
  • The mushroom like 4-legged creatures are non-aggressive and their Poison Sacks can be shot off their body's and collected. This is a far slower method of getting poison sacks compared to farming orange plants however.

Crafting Categories

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