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Skyrim:Northwatch Keep

Northwatch Keep
Northwatch Keep
Location Haafingar
Location ID (coc) NorthwatchKeep01

Northwatch Keep is a fort near the coast in the northwest of Skyrim, where the Thalmor are keeping a prisoner named Thorald Gray-Mane. The fort is guarded by Thalmor soldiers and mages, and is involved in a quest called "Missing in Action".

The fort has a courtyard and one interior zone, where the Dragonborn can find Thorald and other prisoners in cells. The fort is off-limits to anyone except the Thalmor, and trespassing will result in hostility. The Dragonborn can choose to either rescue Thorald alone or with the help of his brother Avulstein and two other Stormcloaks. The outcome of the rescue affects the fate of the Gray-Mane family and the Civil War.

Northwatch Keep is one of the oldest and coldest forts in Skyrim, and has a history that dates back to the First Era. It was originally built by the Snow Elves as a defense against the Atmorans, and later became a base for the Alessian Order. It was abandoned after the War of the Crag, and was eventually occupied by the Thalmor after the Great War.

Northwatch Keep Map Location

Map credit by UESP.

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