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Base Damage 25
Speed 0.6
Weight 26
Value 1843
Level 1+
Category Warhammer
Class Daedric Artifact
Variants -
Skill Two-Handed
Unique Yes
Item ID 0002ACD2
Game/DLC Skyrim

Volendrung is one of the 17 Daedric Artifacts found in The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim. Its a unique Two-handed weapon that is also known as the "Hammer of Might." There are multiple records of Volendrung appearing across Tamriel for the last 700 years.

The warhammer was originally owned by the Rourken, a Dwemer clan that moved from Morrowind. According to legend, the clan's leader threw the hammer across Tamriel, deciding to settle wherever it landed. The hammer ended up in Hammerfell, and true to his promise, the Rourken leader built the city of Volenfell, the capital of the western Dwemer, at that spot.

Weapon Enchantment

Volendrung's unique enchantment absorbs 50 points of Stamina on hit. While this is useful for repeated blocking or power attacking, the amount of stamina receved is somewhat overkill. Due to the power of the enchantment the weapon can only be used 23 times before it must be recharged.

You can find full breakdown and information of all Weapon Enchantment Effects.

Absorb 50 points of Stamina

How to Get the Volendrung in Skyrim?

Where to find the Volendrung Location?

To get Volendrung in Skyrim You must complete the Daedric Quest The Cursed Tribe for the Daedric Prince Malacath.

Here is the detailed walkthrough to get Volendrung:

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Although Volendrung is useful at lower levels, it might not be as effective at higher levels because it doesn't benefit from Smithing perks. This means other warhammers can surpass it in terms of maximum damage. However, even though it's a warhammer, Volendrung swings as fast as a greatsword, making it have a higher damage per second than most other warhammers, except possibly The Longhammer.
  • Volendrung's special ability works well with its weapon type. When you use power attacks with two-handed weapons, your stamina decreases rapidly. Volendrung's powerful enchantment helps counter this by absorbing stamina from your opponent, allowing you to perform more power attacks.

Smithing.png Smithing Guide

Volendrung won't get any additional benefits from Smithing perks. So, to make it better than flawless quality, you need to increase your Smithing skill beyond level 100 with the use of potions or smithing enhancing armor enchantments.

Enchanted weapons require the Arcane Blacksmith Perk to upgrade.

Crafting Materials Upgrade Materials Smithing Level Smithing Perk
Cannot be crafted Ebony Ingot - None

Item tier.png Weapon Levels

Some weapons in Skyrim are Levelled. The power of a levelled weapon is based on your charcters level when you get them. Some get stronger in both physical and magical aspects, while others only improve their enchantments. These items don't get better as your character levels up.

The Volendrung is not a leveled weapon.

Level Damage Weight Value Enchantment Level ID
1+ 25 26 1843 Absorb 50 points of Stamina 0002ACD2

Two-Handed Weapon Categories

All Unique Warhammers

Name Image Damage Speed Weight Value Enchantment Item ID Level Upgrade Material Crafting Perk Skill DLC
Aegisbane Skyrim Aegisbane.webp 18 0.6 24 180 Target takes 5 points of Frost damage to Health and Stamina 000D2AFE 1+ Iron Ingot None Two-Handed Skyrim
Champion's Cudgel Skyrim Champion's Cudgel.webp 24 0.6 27 1767 50% chance for each element of fire, frost and shock to do 25 points of damage XX01A578 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Dragonborn
Shagrol's Warhammer Skyrim Shagrol's Warhammer.webp 21 0.6 26 200 Cannot be enchanted 000223FB 1+ Orichalcum Ingot Orcish Smithing Two-Handed Skyrim
The Longhammer Skyrim The Longhammer.webp 21 0.6 18 90 Can be swung 30% Faster than a regular warhammer 000AE085 1+ Orichalcum Ingot Orcish Smithing Two-Handed Skyrim
Trollsbane Skyrim Trollsbane.webp 20 0.6 25 121 Burns Trolls for 15 points 0006AF63 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Skyrim
Volendrung Skyrim Volendrung.webp 25 0.6 26 1843 Absorb 50 points of Stamina 0002ACD2 1+ Ebony Ingot None Two-Handed Skyrim
Ancient Nord Warhammer Skyrim Ancient Nord Warhammer.webp 20 0.6 26 42 Enchantable XX000E47 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Honed Ancient Nord Warhammer Skyrim Honed Ancient Nord Warhammer.webp 23 0.6 19 76 Enchantable XX08A1EF 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Nord Hero Warhammer Skyrim Nord Hero Warhammer.webp 23 0.6 24 350 Enchantable XX08A1E6 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Stendarr's Hammer Skyrim Stendarr's Hammer.webp 28 0.6 100 4575 Damages the target for 22 points. Depletes 20 Stamina from wielder per hit FEXXXD62 1+ Ebony Ingot, Flawless Sapphire Ebony Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Akatosh's Talon Skyrim Akatosh's Talon.webp 27 0.6 31 4832 Burns the target for 50 points. Targets on fire take extra damage FEXXXD62 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club

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