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Location Windhelm
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Windhelm is a city, located in the northeastern region of Skyrim, called Eastmarch, and is the capital of the Stormcloak Rebellion, led by Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak. Windhelm is one of the oldest and coldest cities in Skyrim, and has a history that dates back to the Merethic Era.

The city is divided into three quarters:

  • the Stone Quarter, where the market and the inn are located
  • the Gray Quarter, where the Dark Elves live in a slum
  • the docks, where the Argonians work and reside.

Windhelm is known for its racial segregation and tension, as the Nords are hostile and distrustful of the other races, especially the Dark Elves and the Argonians. Windhelm is also the site of a series of murders, which are investigated by the player in the quest Blood on the Ice. The player can also purchase a house in Windhelm, called Hjerim, after completing certain requirements. Windhelm has several points of interest, such as the Temple of Talos, the Hall of the Dead, the East Empire Company Warehouse, and the Windhelm Stables.

Windhelm is a major city in the Civil War, as it is the headquarters of the Stormcloaks, who fight against the Imperial Legion for Skyrim's independence. The player can choose to join either side, or remain neutral. The outcome of the war affects the fate of Windhelm and its people.

Windhelm Map Location

Map credit by UESP.

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