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Base Damage 25
Speed 0.7
Weight 25
Value 2000
Level 1+
Category Battleaxe
Class -
Variants None
Skill Two-Handed
Unique Yes
Item ID 000956B5
Game/DLC Skyrim

The Legendary two-handed weapon Battle-axe Wuuthrad is a unique weapon in Skyrim. Wuuthrad is one of the best two handed weapons in Skyrim due to its unique enchantment which makes it do 1.2 times additional damage to Elves, it also has the same base damage as a Daedric Battleaxe. Annoyingly it is one of the most time consuming weapons to obtain in Skyrim.

The weapons description reads "Especially deadly to Elves" and features an engraving of a screaming Elf on the axe head.

Weapon Enchantment

Wuuthrad has a unique ability that deals 1.2x damage to all Elves: Falmer, Altmer, Bosmer and Dunmer.

Since the weapons effect does not count as an enchantemtn you can use the Elemental Fury shout to increase your attack speed by a further 100%. Wuuthrad can also be enchanted in addition to its original ability.

Does 1.2x Damage to Elves

Where to find the Wuuthrad Location?

To get Wuuthrad in Skyrim you need to complete the Companions questline, which can be started in the city of Whiterun in Jorrvaskr. During the Companions questline you will Wuuthrads fragments spread throughout Skyrim. Once all the fragments have been collected Wuuthrad can be reforged by Eorlund Gray-Mane. This will happen naturally at the end of the Companions questline during the quest Glory of the Dead, you will go to Ysgramor’s tomb and place Wuuthrad into a statue of Ysgramor’s, the legendary Nord hero. After it’s been placed, it can be picked up again with no consequences, adding it to your inventory as a weapon and letting you use one of the Nords’ most treasured historical artifacts.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Wuuthrad has the same base damage as a Daedric Battleaxe but can technically be obtained much earlier if you prioritise finishing the Companions Guild questline. This makes it one of the best weapons to get early for Two-Handed Character Builds.
  • Since Wuuthrad does not count as being enchanted, it can be used with the Elemental Fury Shout to increase your damage per second even further.
  • Wuuthrad is epically effective in Falmer dungeons since they count as being elves and receive 1.2x more damage than other races.

Smithing.png Smithing Guide

Enchanted weapons require the Arcane Blacksmith Perk to upgrade.

Crafting Materials Upgrade Materials Smithing Level Smithing Perk
Cannot be crafted Cannot be upgraded - None

Item tier.png Weapon Levels

Some weapons in Skyrim are Levelled. The power of a levelled weapon is based on your charcters level when you get them. Some get stronger in both physical and magical aspects, while others only improve their enchantments. These items don't get better as your character levels up.

The Wuuthrad is not a leveled weapon.

Level Damage Weight Value Enchantment Level ID
1+ 25 25 2000 Does 1.2x Damage to Elves 000956B5

Two-Handed Weapon Categories

All Unique Battleaxes

Name Image Damage Speed Weight Value Enchantment Item ID Level Upgrade Material Crafting Perk Skill DLC
Drainblood Battleaxe Skyrim Drainblood Battleaxe.webp 21 0.7 5 266 Absorb 15 points of health 000F82FA 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Skyrim
Headsman's Axe Skyrim Headsman's Axe.webp 17 0.7 11 15 Enchantable 000BE25E 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Skyrim
Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls Skyrim Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls.webp 18 0.7 21 320 If target dies within 5 seconds, fills a soul gem. Burns the target for 10 points. Targets on fire take extra damage 00040002 2+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Skyrim
Rueful Axe Skyrim Rueful Axe.webp 22 0.7 10 1183 Does 20 points of Stamina damage 0001C4E6 1+ Ebony Ingot None Two-Handed Skyrim
The Woodsman's Friend Skyrim The Woodsman's Friend.webp 17 0.7 20 28 Cannot be enchanted 00022265 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Skyrim
Tsun's Battleaxe Skyrim Tsun's Battleaxe.webp 27 0.7 36 1000 Cannot be enchanted 0005BF18 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Skyrim
Wuuthrad Skyrim Wuuthrad.webp 25 0.7 25 2000 Does 1.2x Damage to Elves 000956B5 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Skyrim
Shadowrend (Battleaxe) Skyrim Shadowrend Battleaxe.webp 26 0.6 27 2750 Target is 15% weaker to magic for 30 seconds FEXXXD62 1+ Ebony Ingot Daedric Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Headman's Cleaver Skyrim Headman's Cleaver.webp 25 0.6 24 2900 Enchantable FEXXX803 1+ Orichalcum Ingot Orcish Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club

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