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Base Damage 12
Speed 1
Weight 10
Value 670
Level 1+
Category Bow
Class Dwarven
Variants Dwarven Bow,
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
Skill Archery
Unique Yes
Item ID XX00CFB6
Game/DLC Dawnguard

The Zephyr is the best Bow in Skyrim because of its unique ability that gives it a 30% faster draw speed, this means that it delivers a highest damage per second than any other bow in the game, this is especially over powerful with Sneak Archer Character Builds.

Weapon Enchantment

Zephyr can fire arrows 33.3% faster than other bows, this makes it the fastest firing bow in Skyrim (drawn with the long bow), its enchantment is unlimited and so it never needs to be recharged.

You can find full breakdown and information of all Weapon Enchantment Effects.

Fires 30% faster than a standard bow

How to Get the Zephyr Location Guide

You can find the weapon location 4 minutes 20 seconds into the video.

Where to find the Zephyr Location?

To get the Zephyr Bow you must start the "Lost to the Ages" quest by reading the book "The Aetherium Wars" or entering the dwemer ruin of Skyrim:Arkngthamz|Arkngthamz]] and talking to Katria, this will skip straight to the 2nd part of the quest, as seen in the video you can find the unique bow Zephyr location at 4:20 in the video above at the end of the log overhanging the cavern below.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Zephyr is arguably the best bow in the game since is deals the highest damage per second of any other bow. If you are playing as a stealth archer that utilises sneak attacks for damage, you can hit even more archery sneak attacks before the enemy gets close enough to detect you by using Zephyr.
  • It is possible to obtain Zephyr at level 1 in Skyrim, but the potenital of its DPS will not be reached until you have the Deadly Aim Perk at level 40 sneak skill and the Overdraw Perk to maximise DPS.
  • You can also use the Quick Shot Perk in the archery skill tree to shoot arrows 60% faster with Zephyr.
  • Considering the bow fires 33% faster you can more consistently stagger enemies 50% of the time with the Power Shot Perk.

Smithing.png Smithing Guide

Enchanted weapons require the Arcane Blacksmith Perk to upgrade.

Crafting Materials Upgrade Materials Smithing Level Smithing Perk
Cannot be crafted Dwarven Metal Ingot - Dwarven Smithing

Item tier.png Weapon Levels

Some weapons in Skyrim are Levelled. The power of a levelled weapon is based on your charcters level when you get them. Some get stronger in both physical and magical aspects, while others only improve their enchantments. These items don't get better as your character levels up.

The Zephyr is not a leveled weapon.

Level Damage Weight Value Enchantment Level ID
1+ 12 10 670 Fires 30% faster than a standard bow XX00CFB6

Ranged Weapon Categories

All Unique Bows

Name Image Damage Speed Weight Value Enchantment Item ID Level Upgrade Material Crafting Perk Skill DLC
Angi's Bow Skyrim Angi's Bow.webp 7 0.937 7 50 Cannot be enchanted 000CC392 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Archery Skyrim
Auriel's Bow Skyrim Auriel's Bow.webp 13 1 11 1000 21 points of sun damage. Undead targets take triple damage XX000800 1+ Refined Moonstone Elven Smithing Archery Dawnguard
Bow of the Hunt Skyrim Bow of the Hunt.webp 10 0.937 7 434 Animals take 20 points of extra damage 000AB705 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Archery Skyrim
Drainspell Bow Skyrim Drainspell Bow.webp 14 0.875 6 458 Absorb Magicka 15 points 000F82FC 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Archery Skyrim
Dravin's Bow Skyrim Dravin's Bow.webp 7 0.937 7 50 Cannot be enchanted 0006B9AD 1+ Leather Strips Steel Smithing Archery Skyrim
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate Skyrim Dwarven Black Bow of Fate.webp 13 0.75 10 1446 50% chance for each attribute to absorb 25 pts. of Health, Stamina, and/or Magicka XX02C01A 1+ Ebony Ingot Dwarven Smithing Archery Dragonborn
Firiniel's End Skyrim Firiniel's End.webp 13 0.687 12 785 Target takes 20 points of frost damage to Health and Stamina 00017059 1+ Refined Moonstone Elven Smithing Archery Skyrim
Froki's Bow Skyrim Froki's Bow.webp 6 1 5 307 Does 10 points of Stamina damage 000C0186 1+ Iron Ingot None Archery Skyrim
Gauldur Blackbow Skyrim Gauldur Blackbow.webp 14 0.875 18 972 Absorb 30 points of magicka 000F5D22 36+ Steel Ingot Dwarven Smithing Archery Skyrim
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince Skyrim Glass Bow of the Stag Prince.webp 16 0.625 14 375 Wielder receives an increasingly powerful blessing for every 20 animals killed by the bow XX018ED5 1+ Refined Malachite Glass Smithing Archery Dragonborn
Karliah's Bow Skyrim Karliah's Bow.webp 25 0.625 9 5 Cannot be enchanted 000DEED8 1+ Cannot be Upgraded None Archery Skyrim
Nightingale Bow Skyrim Nightingale Bow.webp 19 0.5 18 3405 Freezes the target for 30 points and shocks the target for 15 points 000F652C 46+ Ebony Ingot None Archery Skyrim
Zephyr Skyrim Zephyr.webp 12 1 10 670 Fires 30% faster than a standard bow XX00CFB6 1+ Dwarven Metal Ingot Dwarven Smithing Archery Dawnguard
Bow of Shadows Skyrim Bow of Shadows.webp 19 18 2500 Weapon draw is 20% faster and casts invisibility for 30 seconds. XX000807 1+ Ebony Ingot Arcane Blacksmith Archery Creation Club
Ruin's Edge Skyrim Ruin's Edge.webp 12 0.875 7 750 Randomly applies one of these effects to the target: - Demoralize, 100 pts for 20 seconds
- Drain Magicka, 1000 pts for 20 seconds
- Frenzy, 100 pts for 20 seconds
Frost Damage, 25 pts
- Paralyze, for 15 seconds
Paralyze, for 1 second
FEXXXD63 1+ Daedra Heart Daedric Smithing Archery Creation Club

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