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Starfield:Console Commands

Starfields in-game console, exclusive to PC players, allows you to enter console commands to make yourself invincible, add the best weapons or armor sets and manipulate many of Starfields mechanics.

How to use Console Commands in Starfield

To access the console commands menu on PC you must press the ‘tilde key’ on your keyboard, normally located on the same key as ‘@’ depending on your keyboard’s layout. Once you toggle the console command key the game will pause, and a menu will pop up ready for you to type commands into. You can find some examples of useful console commands below.

  • Typeing ‘TGM’ will toggle god mode giving you unlimited ammo, carry weight, stamina, O2 and making you immune to damage.
  • If you want to add specific unique weapons or armor sets into your inventory you can type ‘player.additem ‘ followed by the item ID and number of that item you want. For example to add infinite credits you would type ‘player.additem 00000f 5000’ to receive 5000 credits.

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