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Starfield:Unique Armor Tiers

Starfield has five armor tier levels: Common, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced and Superior (in ascending order). The higher the tier, the better the armor rateing value of the armor.

How Do Unique Armor Sets Scale in Starfield?

  • Unique armor in Starfield scale in damage depending on their armor tier level: Common, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced, Superior. Note that superior armors do exist, but they are incorrectly named as advanced armors despite dealing more damage.
  • A Unique armors tier is not displayed visually: For example, a ‘Advanced Radburn’ will still be called a ‘Radburn’ even though it does more damage than the common version of the Radburn.
  • The tier level of a unique armor depends on your character level but is not guaranteed. For example, at level 60+ you have a higher chance of getting advanced unique armors, but you can also still get common or calibrated ones too.
  • Unique armors that you can buy from Vendors will have preset tier levels when you start the game. This means that they will all be common tier with the lowest base damage on your first playthrough. However once you enter New Game Plus the armors will be given a new tier depending on your level. So, if you enter New Game Plus at level 60+ most of these unique armors will be a higher tier and therefore deal more damage.
  • Unique armors that you find in the environment will be assigned a tier level once you first load the cell that the unique weaon exists in. For example 'X Armor' is located in The Well of New Atlantis. If you first enter the Well at level 60+, theirs a chance that 'X Armor' could spawn with a higher armor tier level.
  • Unique armors that spawn as quest rewards require some more testing.
  • Once you obtain or encounter a unique armor in Starfield it will be fixed at the tier level it was when you first found it. It will not scale with/to your character level even if you come back later at a higher level. The only way to obtain a higher tier level of a unique armor after already finding it is to enter new game plus. Beyond NG+ there is currently no in game mechanic to improve a armors tier level outside of 3rd party mods or console commands.

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