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Category:Starfield - Living Quarters Habs

The Living Quarters Habs add two additonal crew space to your ship. They all contain Galleys for cooking food and drink to level up your Nutrition Skill.

Thematically they contain an additional bed, seating, dining area kitchen, punching bags, The Deimos also contains a 150 storage container though the layout is quite boring.

Name Hull Stations Passengers Mass Value Manufacturer Features
Deimos Living Quarters 2x1 5 0 2 8 1350 Deimos Staryards Inc. Galley, Storage Crate, Storage Box(Aft Port Connection), Ammo case(Aft Port Connection), First Aid(Aft Stbd Connection)
Demios Living Quarters 3x1 5 0 2 8 1550 Deimos Staryards Inc. Galley, Bed
HopeTech Living Quarters 2x1 5 0 2 8 1350 HopeTech Bed, Galley, Storage Box
Nova Galactic Living Quarters 2x1 5 0 2 8 1350 Nova Galactic 2X Bed(Fwd Port & Aft Stbd Connection), Galley
Stroud Living Quarters 2x1 5 0 2 8 1350 Stroud-Eklund Bed(Fwd Stbd Connection), Galley, 2x First Aid(1 Fwd Port Connection)
Taiyo Astroneering Living Quarters 2x1 5 0 2 8 1350 Taiyo Astroneering Bed, Galley, Storage Box

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