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Starfield:Fortune's Glory

Fortune's Glory
Fortune's Glory
Base Damage Physical Damage28
Fire Rate -
Ammo -
Mag Capacity -
Accuracy -
Range -
Mass 2.7
Mod Slots -
Base Value 3832
Type Melee Weapon
Item ID 00328727
Variants Osmium Dagger

Fortune's Glory is a melee weapon in Starfield. It is a Unique version of the Osmium Dagger and visually identical.

Weapon Effects

While Fortune's Glory is unique it has a common weapon tier level and therefore has no Weapon Effects.

Name Tier Effect Description
- - No Effect -

How to Get Guide


  • To obtain the unique Fortunes Glory location you must continue the main story mission until you reach the mission called Unity towards the end of the game. During this quest you will need to solve a puzzle on the planet Hyla II in the Hyla System. The puzzle is a stone rock formation shaped like a Scorpian's Sting altar, during the puzle you must direct a light beam in the correct path. The unique weapon Fortune's Glory is hidden behind the rock formation where the puzzle takes place. It's very easy to miss this unique weapon but you can easily return to the planet and pick it up later.

Weapon Categories

Unique Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons Osmium Dagger.webp

Unique Melee Weapons in Starfield have a unique name, visual appearance and Depending on the unique weapon rarity (Rare, Epic or Legendary), it can have 1-3 pre-defined weapon effects that further enhance damage capabilities. For example, it may do double damage to targets who are full health.

Unlike the low chance of finding legendary weapons in loot, unique weapons have guaranteed locations where they can be found. This means you can prioritise on finding the best unique weapon location for your character build early on in your playthrough.

Below you will find a list of all the unique heavy weapon locations in Starfield along with the weapon ID which can be used to add the weapon to your inventory using console commands.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID
Fortune's Glory Melee Weapons Osmium Dagger.webp Physical Damage28 - - - - - - 2.7 - 3832 00328727
Syndicate Enforcer Melee Weapons Wakizashi.webp Physical Damage49 - - - - - - 1.35 - 12894 0026D8A1
The Last Priest Melee Weapons Va'ruun Painblade.webp Physical Damage85 - - - - - - 1.8 - 20268 0031F25A

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