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Base Damage Physical Damage10
Fire Rate 400
DPS 66.7
Ammo 50 MI Array
Mag Capacity 160
Accuracy 56.1%
Range 58
Mass 12.2
Mod Slots 2/2
Base Value 46083
Type Ballistic Heavy Weapon
Item ID 00AC6B8
Variants Magstorm

The Poisonstorm is a ballistic heavy weapon in Starfield. It is a Unique version of the Magstorm. It uses .50 MI Array ammo. The Poisonstorm has a targeting laser which turns from green to red when aimed at a target, so you can tell how many bullets will hit your target. Since the Poisonstorm has the highest fire rate in the game it is very efficient at applying poison to enemies to slow their movement and deal damage over time. Unfortunately you cannot stack poison on the same target.

Weapon Effects

See full breakdown and information of all Weapon Effects.

Name Tier Effect Description
Poison 2 Randomly deals poison damage and slows the target 8% chance to apply the following effect to targets who are not currently poisoned:
  • 30% weapon damage as Poison (Energy) damage over 10 seconds
  • 40% movement speed reduction

How to Get Guide


  • To find the unique Poisonstorm location you must travel to the Kore Kinetics shop can be found at their HQ in Neon City, located in on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii System. The shop is located in the Trader Tower, once inside you can take the elevator to the floor labelled ‘Kore Kinetics’.

Modification.png Weapon Modification


Category Available Mods Effect
Batteries Depleted Uranium Rounds Built using depleted Uranium, these rounds can penetrate any armor
Internal High Velocity Internal module that increases accuracy and range

Compatible Mods

Category Available Mods Effect
Batteries Armor-Piercing Rounds More powerful casing can penetrate even the sturdiest armors
Batteries Depleted Uranium Rounds Built using depleted Uranium, these rounds can penetrate any armor
Internal Hair Trigger Installs a lighter trigger pull for increased Fire Rate
Internal High Velocity Internal module that increases accuracy and range
Magazines Standard Magazine Standard issue magazine

Item tier.png Weapon Tier Level

Starfield has four weapon tier levels: Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced (in ascending order). The higher the tier, the better the damage of the weapon. As you level up, your chances of finding higher tier weapons increase, defeating higher level enemies will also increase the drop chance of best weapons. Note that superior weapons do exist, but they are incorrectly named as advanced weapons despite dealing more damage.

Unique Weapons in Starfield scale in base damage depending on their weapon tier level (Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced), but they keep the same unique name without any prefixes being added. You can find out more information on how to get the best version of each unique weapon you come across on the unique weapon tier system page.

Below you can find the stats for each tier level of this unique weapon.

Tier Loot Level Damage Change Damage Fire Rate DPS Tier ID
Base 0 0.0% Physical Damage9.0 400 60.0 001301EE
Calibrated 45 33.0% Physical Damage12.0 400 79.8 001301EF
Refined 55 44.0% Physical Damage17.2 400 114.9 001301F0
Advanced 65 44.0% Physical Damage24.8 400 165.5 001308D4

Weapon Categories

Unique Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons N67 Smartgun.webp

Heavy Weapons in Starfield have a unique name, visual appearance, weapon mods and Depending on the unique weapon rarity (Rare, Epic or Legendary), it can have 1-3 pre-defined Weapon Effects that further enhance damage capabilities. For example, it may do double damage to targets who are full health.

Unlike the low chance of finding legendary weapons in loot, unique weapons have guaranteed locations where they can be found. This means you can prioritise on finding the best unique weapon location for your character build early on in your playthrough.

Below you will find a list of all the unique heavy weapon locations in Starfield along with the weapon ID which can be used to add the weapon to your inventory using console commands.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID
Ashta Tamer Heavy Weapons Ashta Tamer.webp Physical Damage127 5 10.58 40mm XPL 4 63.4% 40 4.9 1/6 15561 0031FCBF
Heller's Cutter Heavy Weapons Heller's Cutter.webp Energy Damage4 76 5.07 Energy - 76.7% 3 4 0 712 0032046A
N67 Smartgun Heavy Weapons N67 Smartgun.webp Physical Damage10 350 58.3 7.77mm Caseless 300 49.3% 40 15.1 2/6 3713 001AC6BB
Poisonstorm Heavy Weapons Poisonstorm.webp Physical Damage10 400 66.7 50 MI Array 160 56.1% 58 12.2 2/2 46083 00AC6B8
Reckless Bombardment Heavy Weapons Reckless Bombardment.webp Physical Damage120 12 24 40mm XPL 8 65.5% 40 14.15 5/6 89040 002D970
Shattered Shock Heavy Weapons Shattered Shock.webp Physical Damage127 5 20.6 40mm XPL 6 76.3% 48 4.9 4/6 15561 000ECF9
X-989 Microgun Heavy Weapons X-989 Microgun.webp Physical Damage9 350 52.5 7.77mm Caseless 300 67.0% 42 12.3 4/6 39327 008AF5D

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