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Ammo in Starfield is harder to find for some weapons than others. Depending what difficulty you are playing on you may struggle to have enough ammo to defeat enemies at times. Though you cannot get unlimited ammo in Starfield there are a few gameplay tips and tricks to solve your ammo problems.

How to Get More Ammo in Starfield?

To get more ammo in Starfield you can use the following Tips and Tricks

  • Each enemy in Starfield will carry a weapon with a full magazine. If you pick up their gun after defeating them, you’ll automatically loot all the ammunition from the weapon, the amount of ammo you get can change based on how many bullets they fire in combat. After looting the weapons ammo you can simply drop it again so you don’t get over encumbered.
  • Each time you visit a city in Starfield make sure you stop by the local vendors and purchase all the ammo supplies they have for sale. If you make a habit of this, you will eventually have enough ammo for each weapon type to freely swap between them without fear of ever running out. Since credits in Starfield are so easy to come by, this is quite easy to afford after a few hours of gameplay.
  • Some of the rarer ammo types will require you to visit certain stores that specialise in weapons like the UC Distribution Centre on New Atlantis in the Commecial Distruct, the Centaurian Arsenal in the Residential District and Trade Authority, UC Surplus in the Well. These stores will sell the rare ammo types like 40mm XPL ammo. You can easily reset the stores inventory by waiting 48 hours in a nearby chair.

All Ammo Types

Name Image Type Used By Mass Value Item ID
.27 Caliber Ammo 27 Caliber.webp Ballistic Ace Sidearm, Memento Mori, Rattler, Sidestar, The Zapper 0.00 25 002B559C
.43 MI Array Ammo 43 MI Array.webp Ballistic Keelhauler, Magshot, The Mutineer, Trickshot 0.00 36 002B559A
.43 Ultramag Ammo 43 Ultramag.webp Ballistic Ambassador, Marathon, Regulator, Solace, Urban Eagle 0.00 32 002B5599
.45 Caliber ACP Ammo 45 Caliber ACP.webp Ballistic Haphazard Handgun, Old Earth Pistol, Vampire's Sidearm, XM-2311 0.00 25 002B5598
.50 Caliber Caseless Ammo 50 Caliber Caseless.webp Ballistic Hard Target, Head Ranger, Justifier, Peacemaker, The Last Breath 0.00 38 002B5597
.50 MI Array Ammo 50 MI Array.webp Ballistic Mindtear, Revenant 0.00 36 002B5596
1.5KV LZR Cartridges Ammo 1.5KV LZR Cartridges.webp Energy Ember, Short Circuit, Solstice 0.00 32 002BAE3F
11mm Caseless Ammo 11mm Caseless.webp Ballistic AA-99, Davis Wilson's Rifle, Desperation, Drum Beat, Feather, Peacekeeper, Power Beat, Tempest, Tombstone 0.00 32 002B5595
12.5mm ST Rivet Ammo 12.5mm ST Rivet.webp Ballistic Auto-Rivet 0.00 38 002B5594
12G Shotgun Shell Ammo 12G Shotgun Shell.webp Ballistic Old Earth Shotgun, The Cursed Shotgun 0.00 25 000547A1
15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell Ammo 15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell.webp Ballistic Breach, Brute Force, Experiment A-7, Pacifier, Rapidshot, Riot Shotgun 0.00 25 002B4AFC
3KV LZR Cartridge Ammo 3KV LZR Cartridge.webp Energy Arc Welder, Equinox, Orion, Unmitigated Violence, Unrestrained Vengeance 0.00 36 0000E8EC
40mm XPL Ammo 40mm XPL.webp Ballistic Ashta Tamer, Bridger, Negotiator, Reckless Bombardment, Shatter Shock 0.00 80 002B5592
6.5mm CT Ammo 6.5mm CT.webp Ballistic Fiscal Quarter, Maelstrom, Pirate Legend 0.00 25 002B5590
6.5mm MI Array Ammo 6.5mm MI Array.webp Ballistic Avatar, Magpulse, Magsniper, Street Sweeper 0.00 36 002B558F
7.5mm Whitehot Ammo 7.5mm Whitehot.webp Ballistic Deadeye, Razorback, The Prime, Unfair Advantage 0.00 35 002B558E
7.62x39mm Ammo 7.62x39mm.webp Ballistic Old Earth Assault Rifle 0.00 32 002B558D
7.77mm Caseless Ammo 7 77mm Caseless.webp Ballistic Acid Rain, Beowulf, Elegance, Eon, Grendel, Hunterwulf, Kodama, Kraken, Microgun, N67 Smartgun, Radburn, The Buzzcut, The First Shot, Vampire's Gift, X-989 Microgun 0.00 9 002B558C
9x39mm Ammo 9x39mm.webp Ballistic Despondent Assassin, Old Earth Hunting Rifle, Speechless Fire 0.00 25 002B559B
Caseless Shotgun Shell Ammo Caseless Shotgun Shell.webp Ballistic Boom Boom, Coachman, Shotty 0.00 32 002B4AFB
Heavy Particle Fuse Ammo Heavy Particle Fuse.webp Energy Big Bang, Eternity's Gate, Novablast Disruptor, Reflection, Va'ruun Inflictor 0.00 63 002B558B
Light Particle Fuse Ammo Light Particle Fuse.webp Energy Novalight, Terror Inflictor, The Spacer, Va'ruun Starshard 0.00 52 002B558A

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