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Category:Starfield - Particle Beam Rifles

Rifles novablast disruptor.png

Particle Beam Rifles deal both energy damage and Physical Damage combined. The advantages of dealing two damage types are that one of them will still be effective against even the most heavily armoured enemies. The disadvantage is that you will need to spread your character build over multiple Combat Skills: to deal the maximum amount of damage with Particle Beam Rifles.

You can increase the damage that Particle Beam Rifles, do by investing skill points into the following Combat Skills: Particle Beams, Lasers, Ballistics, Rifle Certification, Marksmanship, Rapid Reloading, Armor Penetration, Sniper Certification, Crippling and Sharpshooting.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID Unique
Eternity's Gate Rifles Eternity's Gate.png Physical Damage 17 + Energy Damage50 25 27.92 Heavy Particle Fuse 20 81.6% 60 5.1 4/6 11249 00329ABB Yes
Novablast Disruptor Rifles novablast disruptor.png Electromagnetic Damage100 20 33.3 Heavy Particle Fuse 5 70.2% 20 2.7 5 5700 0026D968 -
Reflection Rifles Reflection.webp Physical Damage 41 + Energy Damage137 29 86.5 Heavy Particle Fuse 20 78.0% 70 6.45 4/6 94500 0022A90D Yes

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