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Base Damage Physical Damage127
Fire Rate 4
DPS 10.6
Ammo 40mm XPL
Mag Capacity 40
Accuracy 63.4%
Range 40
Mass 5.5
Mod Slots 6
Base Value 8190
Type Ballistic Heavy Weapon
Item ID 0026D96A
Variants Ashta Tamer,
Shattered Shock

The Kodama is a ballistic rifle in Starfield that was created by CombaTech. It’s high rate of fire, quick reload speed and controllable recoil makes it a formidable weapon. It uses 7.77mm Caseless ammo.

Weapon Effects

This weapon can randomly get any effect compatible with its category.
See full breakdown and information of all Weapon Effects.

How to Get Guide


  • You can find this weapon in randomised loot in Starfield.
  • You can obtain this weapon from most weapon vendors. It’s possible to reset a vendor’s inventory by waiting 48 hours, this can be done by sleeping or sitting for 24 hours twice and then checking back at the weapon vendor.

Modification.png Weapon Modification

Category Available Mods Effect
Barrels Long Barrel Increases Accuracy, Recoil Control and Range at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed
Barrels Standard Barrel Standard issue barrel
Batteries Hornet Nest Explosive rounds explode downwards into a cluster of mini-explosions
Batteries Standard Explosive Rounds Standard issue magazine
Batteries Tesla Pylons Pylons that can be fired into surfaces that arc electricity between them. Mainly used for area denial
Internal Hair Trigger Installs a lighter trigger pull for increased Fire Rate
Lasers Laser Sight Laser Sight attachment to help with target acquisition and increase Accuracy
Optic Iron Sights Standard issue iron sights
Optic Reflex Sight Reflex sights for quicker target acquisition and visibility
Optic Short Scope Short scope or 2x magnified view
Stocks Tactical Stock Lighter stock for quicker Aim Down Sights speed and better Stability

Item tier.png Weapon Tier Level

Starfield have four Weapon tier levels: Base, Calibrated, Refined and Advanced (in ascending order). Only armor sets go up to Superior tier. The higher the tier, the better the damage of the weapon. Some weapons in Starfield only have three tier levels available or none at all. Typically as you level up, your chances of finding higher tier weapons increase, defeating higher level enemies will also increase the drop chance of best weapons.

Unique Weapons in Starfield also scale in damage depending on their weapon tier, but they keep the same unique name. You can find out more information on the unique weapon scaling system page.

The best weapons in Starfield are Legendary Advanced weapons which come with 3 Weapon Effects.

Tier Loot Level Damage Change Damage Fire Rate DPS Tier ID
Base 0 0.0% Physical Damage127.0 5 10.6 0028F448
Calibrated 30 15+ Damage Physical Damage142.0 5 11.8 0028F449
Refined 40 15+ Damage Physical Damage157.0 5 13.1 0028F44A
Advanced 50 15+ Damage Physical Damage172.0 5 14.3 0028F44B

Weapon Categories

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons in Starfield either have high damage explosive rounds or large ammo magazines with a high fire rate. This makes Heavy Weapons caperble of taking on multiple targets effusively. There are a number of Unique Heavy Weapons to collect. Unique Weapons range from; rare, epic, legendary and come with pre-defined Weapon Effects that increase your damage output.

Using the science skill: weapon engineering you can modify your heavy weapons with the best mods for your playstyle. This will affect the damage, fire rate, magazine capacity, range, mass and accuracy of the weapon. Each gun has a limited number of mod slots to utilise.

Below you will find a list of all the common and unique heavy weapon locations in Starfield along with the weapon ID which can be used to add the weapon to your inventory using console commands.

Ballistic Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons Magstorm.webp

Heavy Weapons deal physical damage. Heavy weapons use both explosive ammo and normal ammo which while easy to acquire is spent rapidly by the heavy weapon. Explosive Ammo on the other hand is much harder to find and more costly to buy from vendors. This means you will often end up using heavy weapons in addition to other weapon types in Starfield.

You can increase the damage that Heavy Weapons do by investing skill points into the following Combat Skills: Demolitions, Ballistics, Heavy Weapons Certification, Marksmanship, Rapid Reloading, Armor Penetration, Crippling and Sharpshooting.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID Unique
Ashta Tamer Heavy Weapons Ashta Tamer.webp Physical Damage127 5 10.58 40mm XPL 4 63.4% 40 4.9 1/6 15561 0031FCBF Yes
Auto-Rivet Heavy Weapons Auto-Rivet.webp Physical Damage100 15 25 12.5mm ST Rivet 20 63.1% 20 4.5 4 7640 0026D964 -
Bridger Heavy Weapons Bridger.webp Physical Damage127 4 10.6 40mm XPL 40 63.4% 40 5.5 6 8190 0026D96A -
Magstorm Heavy Weapons Magstorm.webp Physical Damage9 160 60 50 MI Array 40 50.5% 40 12 2 19129 0026035E -
Microgun Heavy Weapons Microgun.webp Physical Damage9 350 52.5 7.77mm Caseless 40 47.2% 40 11.4 6 13519 000546CD -
N67 Smartgun Heavy Weapons N67 Smartgun.webp Physical Damage10 350 58.3 7.77mm Caseless 300 49.3% 40 15.1 2/6 3713 001AC6BB Yes
Negotiator Heavy Weapons Negotiator.webp Physical Damage165 12 33 40mm XPL 48 67% 48 10 6 21200 0026D970 -
Poisonstorm Heavy Weapons Poisonstorm.webp Physical Damage10 400 66.7 50 MI Array 160 56.1% 58 12.2 2/2 46083 00AC6B8 Yes
Reckless Bombardment Heavy Weapons Reckless Bombardment.webp Physical Damage120 12 24 40mm XPL 8 65.5% 40 14.15 5/6 89040 002D970 Yes
Shattered Shock Heavy Weapons Shattered Shock.webp Physical Damage127 5 20.6 40mm XPL 6 76.3% 48 4.9 4/6 15561 000ECF9 Yes
X-989 Microgun Heavy Weapons X-989 Microgun.webp Physical Damage9 350 52.5 7.77mm Caseless 300 67.0% 42 12.3 4/6 39327 008AF5D Yes

Energy Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons Cutter.webp

Heavy Energy Weapons deal energy damage. If you also pair this with rank 4 of the Lasers Skill you’ll find that the Cutter has the highest damage per second of any weapon in Starfield. This is because it hits multiple times per second and stacks multiple points fire damage on your target. Both Cutters have unlimited Energy Ammo which recharges over time.

You can increase the damage that heavy energy weapons, do by investing skill points into the following Combat Skills: Lasers, Heavy Weapons Certification, Marksmanship, Rapid Reloading, Armor Penetration and Crippling.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID Unique
Arc Welder Heavy Weapons Arc Welder.webp Energy Damage16 76 20.3 3KV LZR Cartridge 100 45.6% 20 4.2 4 2450 0026D965 -
Cutter Heavy Weapons Cutter.webp Physical Damage4 76 5.1 Energy 100 76.7% 20 4.5 4 475 0016758 -
Heller's Cutter Heavy Weapons Heller's Cutter.webp Energy Damage4 76 5.07 Energy - 76.7% 3 4 0 712 0032046A Yes

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