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Starfield:Jake's Hangover Cure

Jake's Hangover Cure
Jake's Hangover Cure
Base Damage Physical Damage 32 + Energy Damage94
Fire Rate 14
DPS 29.4
Ammo Heavy Fuse
Mag Capacity 8
Accuracy 54.6%
Range 20
Mass 7.0
Mod Slots 0/7
Base Value 12870
Type Particle Beam Shotgun
Item ID 002BD871
Variants Big Bang

The Jake's Hangover Cure is a particle beam shotgun, it's a unique variant of the Big Bang in Starfield. It uses Heavy Particle Fuse ammo. Despite the unique weapon having no legendary effects, this is the only early guaranteed spawn location for the particle beam shotgun in Starfield. It is also one of the best weapons to get early in the game due to it's exstreamly high damage.

Weapon Effects

While Jake's Hangover Cure is unique it has a common weapon tier level and therefore has no Weapon Effects.

Name Tier Effect Description
- - No Effect -

How to Get Guide


  • To find Jake’s Hangover Cure location early you must travel to The Well in New Atlantis on Planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. Once you reach the Well you can find Jake’s bar, the unique shotgun is located behind the bar, but taking it counts as stealing.
  • It's difficult to steal Jakes Hangover Cure from behind Jake's bar without being spotted by all the NPC's in the area. The best method is to steal the weapon and then quickly open the menu and fast travel to your ship to avoid being arrested. Alternatively you can also steal the weapon and then drop it outside the bar before you get arrested, after you can return and kick the weapon into a dark corner where you can pick up while being hidden (see video example).
  • You can remove the stolen tag from the weapon to stop it getting confiscated each time you get arrested in the future by heading to the Wolf System (north east from Alpha Centauri) and selling the weapon to them and then going to be buy back menu to buy it back for the exact same price you sold it for. This will remove the stolen tag from the weapon.

Modification.png Weapon Modification


Category Available Mods Effect
Muzzles Focus Nozzle Increases Damage, Headshot Damage and Range
Optic Reflex Sight Reflex sights for quicker target acquisition and visibility

Compatible Mods

Category Available Mods Effect
Barrels Extended Barrel Vastly increases Accuracy, Recoil Control and Range at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed
Barrels Long Barrel Increases Accuracy, Recoil Control and Range at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed
Barrels Standard Barrel Standard issue barrel
Batteries Annihilator Rounds Banned by almost every government, these rounds produce a disease-like effect that spread to any target that gets too close
Internal Amplifier Amplifies power output, increasing damage
Internal Overclocked Increases Rate of Fire
Lasers Laser Sight Laser Sight attachment to help with target acquisition and increase Accuracy
Lasers Recon Laser Sight Marks enemies while Aiming and greatly increases Accuracy
Magazines Standard Magazine Standard issue magazine
Muzzles Double Barrel Muzzle Changes rounds fired to go through a two-barreled attachment for different spread shots
Muzzles Focal Lens Specialized lenses vastly increase accuracy
Muzzles Focus Nozzle Increases Damage, Headshot Damage and Range
Optic Iron Sights Standard issue iron sights
Optic Reflex Sight Reflex sights for quicker target acquisition and visibility

Item tier.png Weapon Tier Level

Starfield has four weapon tier levels: Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced (in ascending order). The higher the tier, the better the damage of the weapon. As you level up, your chances of finding higher tier weapons increase, defeating higher level enemies will also increase the drop chance of best weapons. Note that superior weapons do exist, but they are incorrectly named as advanced weapons despite dealing more damage.

Unique Weapons in Starfield scale in base damage depending on their weapon tier level (Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced), but they keep the same unique name without any prefixes being added. You can find out more information on how to get the best version of each unique weapon you come across on the unique weapon tier system page.

Below you can find the stats for each tier level of this unique weapon.

Tier Loot Level Damage Change Damage Fire Rate DPS Tier ID
Base 0 0.0% Physical Damage94+Energy Damage32 14 29.4 00131D48
Calibrated 33 41.3% Physical Damage133+Energy Damage45 14 41.5 00131D49
Refined 43 47.6% Physical Damage139+Energy Damage47 14 61.3 00131D4A
Advanced 53 55.6% Physical Damage146+Energy Damage50 14 95.4 00131D4B

Weapon Categories

Unique Shotguns

Shotguns Jake's Hangover Cure.webp

Shotguns in Starfield are one of the best weapons to use early game since they deal high damage at close range with very little combat skills investment. To get the most damage out of a shotgun you must ensure that all the pellets fired hit the target. The better the accuracy of a shotgun the tighter the spread of pellets will be.

There are a number of unique shotguns to collect. unique weapons range from; rare, epic, legendary and come with pre-defined rarity modifiers that increase your damage output.

Using the science skill: weapon engineering you can modify your Shotguns with the best mods for your playstyle. This will affect the damage, fire rate, magazine capacity, range, mass and accuracy of the weapon. Each gun has a limited number of mod slots to utilise.

Below you will find a list of all the common and unique Shotgun locations in Starfield along with the weapon ID which can be used to add the weapon to your inventory using console commands.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID
Boom Boom Shotguns Boom Boom.webp Physical Damage50 60 50 Caseless Shotgun Shell 20 44.1% 24 3.75 3/8 18113 001AC6BB
Brute Force Shotguns Brute Force.webp Physical Damage68 20 22.6 15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell 7 57.1% 20 4.4 5/6 15146 001AC6E0
Experiment A-7 Shotguns Experiment A-7.webp Physical Damage119 10 19.83 15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell 6 50.6% 20 6.9 3/8 19662 0031F257
Jake's Hangover Cure Shotguns Jake's Hangover Cure.webp Physical Damage 32 + Energy Damage94 14 29.4 Heavy Fuse 8 54.6% 20 7.0 0/7 12870 002BD871
Rapidshot Shotguns Breach.webp Physical Damage99 18 29.7 15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell 6 56.9% 24 7.45 6/8 23730 0016CFA
Riot Shotgun Shotguns Riot Shotgun.webp Electromagnetic Damage25 10 19.83 15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell 6 50.6% 20 6.9 7/8 14965 0031F257
The Cursed Shotgun Shotguns The Cursed Shotgun.webp Physical Damage73 6 7.3 12G Shotgun Shell 6 67.9% 24 4.8 4/5 10391 001AC6E7

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