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Skyrim:Balgruuf's Greatsword

Balgruuf's Greatsword
Balgruuf's Greatsword
Base Damage 17
Speed 0.7
Weight 17
Value 200
Level 1+
Category Greatsword
Class Steel
Variants Skyforge Steel Greatsword,
Steel Greatsword,
Skill Two-Handed
Unique Yes
Item ID 000946FC
Game/DLC Skyrim

Balgruuf's Greatsword is a unique Two-handed weapon in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim that can be obtained during a quest.

Weapon Enchantment

This weapon cannot be enchanted.

You can find full breakdown and information of all Weapon Enchantment Effects.

Where to find the Balgruuf's Greatsword Location?

To get Balgruuf’s Greatsword in Skyrim, you can complete the quest “Greatsword for a Great Man”. This quest can be started when you enter the city of Whiterun and talk to the Skyrim:Warmiden's|Warmiden's blacksmith]] Adrianne Avenicci. Adrianne has forged the greatsword for Jarl Balgruuf the Greater in an attempt to impress him. However, she can’t seem to find an opportunity to deliver it. She would like for the sword to be delivered to her father, Proventus Avenicci, the steward of Dragonsreach in Whiterun. Delivering the sword to him, telling him that it is from his daughter, will complete the quest. Proventus is generally found in the main chamber of Dragonsreach, beside the throne. He will remark, “From Adrianne? Ah, this must be that weapon for the Jarl. Poor girl, so eager to prove herself. I’ll present it to Balgruuf when his mood is… agreeable.” He will then reward you with twenty gold.

Quest Guide:

Smithing.png Smithing Guide

Enchanted weapons require the Arcane Blacksmith Perk to upgrade.

Crafting Materials Upgrade Materials Smithing Level Smithing Perk
Cannot be crafted Steel Ingot - Steel Smithing

Item tier.png Weapon Levels

Some weapons in Skyrim are Levelled. The power of a levelled weapon is based on your charcters level when you get them. Some get stronger in both physical and magical aspects, while others only improve their enchantments. These items don't get better as your character levels up.

The Tsun's Battleaxe is not a leveled weapon.

Level Damage Weight Value Enchantment Level ID
1+ 17 17 200 Cannot be enchanted 000946FC

Two-Handed Weapon Categories

All Unique Greatswords

Name Image Damage Speed Weight Value Enchantment Item ID Level Upgrade Material Crafting Perk Skill DLC
Balgruuf's Greatsword Skyrim Balgruuf's Greatsword.webp 17 0.7 17 200 Cannot be enchanted 000946FC 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Skyrim
Bloodskal Blade Skyrim Bloodskal Blade.webp 21 0.7 16 500 Releases energy blast with power attacks that deals 30 damage XX01A578 1+ Silver Ingot Cannot be Upgraded Two-Handed Dragonborn
Ebony Blade Skyrim Ebony Blade.webp 11 0.7 10 2000 Absorbs Health from base 10 to max 30, upgraded by killing friendly NPCs 000EA29C 36+ Cannot be Upgraded None Two-Handed Skyrim
Stormfang Skyrim Stormfang.webp 17 0.7 17 1175 Target takes 30 points of shock damage, and half as much Magicka damage XX026B0B 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Dragonborn
Umbra Skyrim Umbra.webp 24 0.7 23 4647 If target dies within 20 seconds, fills a soul gem. Absorb 25 points of health. Absorb 25 points of stamina XX000D62 1+ Ebony Ingot Daedric Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Ice Blade of the Monarch Skyrim Ice Blade of the Monarch.webp 17 1 17 1360 Target takes 30 points of frost damage to Health and Stamina FEXXX815 1+ Steel Ingot Steel Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Chrysamere Skyrim Chrysamere.webp 25 0.7 20 3288 When equipped grants 15% resist fire, 10% absorb magic, slow health regen during combat FEXXXD63 1+ Ebony Ingot, Ruby Ebony Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club
Shadowrend (Greatsword) Skyrim Shadowrend Greatsword.webp 25 0.7 23 2500 Target is 15% weaker to magic for 30 seconds FEXXXD63 1+ Ebony Ingot Daedric Smithing Two-Handed Creation Club

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