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Skyrim:Ebony Ingot

Ebony Ingot
Ebony Ingot
Weight 1
Value 150
Smelting Resource 2x Ebony Ore
Type Ingot
Category Miscellaneous Item
Item ID 0005AD9D

Ebony ingots are a crafting material in Skyrim that can be used to create and upgrade some of the most powerful weapons and armor sets in the game. They are made by smelting two ebony ores at a smelter. Ebony Ingots are a resilient, black, glassy material.

Where to find Ebony Ingots?

The best location to mine Ebony Ore to smelt into Ebony Ingots in Skyrim is the following locations:

Respawning Ore Veins

  • Ebony Ore Veins that are non-Hostile interior (like the ones in Dawnstar) should respawn after 10 in-game days (probably at the next midnight after the 240th hour has passed, because Skyrim does a lot of "next day" processing at midnight).
  • Ebony Ore Veins that are in or near Hostile interior zones should respawn after 10 days, unless the zone is considered "Cleared" when it becomes 30 days.

You can either wait 30 in game days or you can fast travel across the map repeatedly which takes multiple in game days, but is a faster strategy to reset the mine in real world time.

Items Used With Ebony Ingot

Name Image Crafting Perk Type
Blade of Sacrifice Skyrim Blade of Sacrifice.webp None Dagger
Daedric Dagger Skyrim Daedric Dagger.webp Daedric Smithing Dagger
Ebony Dagger Skyrim Ebony Dagger.webp Ebony Smithing Dagger
Mehrunes' Razor Skyrim Mehrunes' Razor.webp None Dagger
Nettlebane Skyrim Nettlebane.webp None Dagger
Daedric Mace Skyrim Daedric Mace.webp Daedric Smithing Mace
Ebony Mace Skyrim Ebony Mace.webp Ebony Smithing Mace
Mace of Molag Bal Skyrim Mace of Molag Bal.webp None Mace
Bloodscythe Skyrim Bloodscythe.webp Daedric Smithing Sword
Daedric Sword Skyrim Daedric Sword.webp Daedric Smithing Sword
Dawnbreaker Skyrim Dawnbreaker.webp None Sword
Ebony Sword Skyrim Ebony Sword.webp Ebony Smithing Sword
Nightingale Blade Skyrim Nightingale Blade.webp None Sword
Soulrender Skyrim Soulrender.webp Daedric Smithing Sword
Daedric War Axe Skyrim Daedric War Axe.webp Daedric Smithing War Axe
Ebony War Axe Skyrim Ebony War Axe.webp Ebony Smithing War Axe
Daedric Battleaxe Skyrim Daedric Battleaxe.webp Daedric Smithing Battleaxe
Ebony Battleaxe Skyrim Ebony Battleaxe.webp Ebony Smithing Battleaxe
Rueful Axe Skyrim Rueful Axe.webp None Battleaxe
Daedric Greatsword Skyrim Daedric Greatsword.webp Daedric Smithing Greatsword
Ebony Greatsword Skyrim Ebony Greatsword.webp Ebony Smithing Greatsword
Daedric Warhammer Skyrim Daedric Warhammer.webp Daedric Smithing Warhammer
Ebony Warhammer Skyrim Ebony Warhammer.webp Ebony Smithing Warhammer
Volendrung Skyrim Volendrung.webp None Warhammer
Daedric Bow Skyrim Daedric Bow.webp Daedric Smithing Bow
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate Skyrim Dwarven Black Bow of Fate.webp Dwarven Smithing Bow
Ebony Bow Skyrim Ebony Bow.webp Ebony Smithing Bow
Nightingale Bow Skyrim Nightingale Bow.webp None Bow
Ebony Crossbow Skyrim Ebony Crossbow.webp Ebony Smithing Crossbow
Enhanced Ebony Crossbow Skyrim Enhanced Ebony Crossbow.webp Ebony Smithing Crossbow
Daedric Crossbow Skyrim Daedric Crossbow.webp Daedric Smithing Crossbow
Enhanced Daedric Crossbow Skyrim Enhanced Daedric Crossbow.webp Daedric Smithing Crossbow
Umbra Skyrim Umbra.webp Daedric Smithing Greatsword
Shadowrend (Greatsword) Skyrim Shadowrend Greatsword.webp Daedric Smithing Greatsword
Shadowrend (Battleaxe) Skyrim Shadowrend Battleaxe.webp Daedric Smithing Battleaxe
Scourge Skyrim Scourge.webp Daedric Smithing Mace
Ebony Mace CC Skyrim Ebony Mace CC.webp Daedric Smithing Mace
Torment Skyrim Torment.webp Daedric Smithing Sword
Ebony Scimitar Skyrim Ebony Scimitar.webp Daedric Smithing Sword
Dawnfang/Duskfang Skyrim Dawnfang Duskfang.webp Ebony Smithing Sword
Bow of Shadows Skyrim Bow of Shadows.webp Arcane Blacksmith Bow
Bloodthirst Skyrim Bloodthirst.webp Daedric Smithing Sword

Crafting Categories


All Ingots

Name Image Weight Value Smelting Item ID Type Category
Corundum Ingot Skyrim Corundum Ingot.webp 1 40 2x Corundum Ore 0005AD93 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Dwarven Metal Ingot Skyrim Dwarven Metal Ingot.webp 1 30 1x Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal (or),
1x Large Dwemer Strut (or),
1x Solid Dwemer Metal (or),
1x Large Decorative Dwemer Strut (or),
1x Large Dwemer Plate Metal (or),
1x Small Dwemer Plate Metal
000DB8A2 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Ebony Ingot Skyrim Ebony Ingot.webp 1 150 2x Ebony Ore 0005AD9D Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Gold Ingot Skyrim Gold Ingot.webp 1 100 2x Gold Ore 0005AD9E Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Iron Ingot Skyrim Iron Ingot.webp 1 7 1x Iron Ore 0005ACE4 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Orichalcum Ingot Skyrim Orichalcum Ingot.webp 1 45 2x Orichalcum Ore 0005AD99 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Quicksilver Ingot Skyrim Quicksilver Ingot.webp 1 60 2x Quicksilver Ore 0005ADA0 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Refined Malachite Skyrim Refined Malachite.webp 1 100 2x Malachite Ore 0005ADA1 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Refined Moonstone Skyrim Refined Moonstone.webp 1 75 2x Moonstone Ore 0005AD9F Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Silver Ingot Skyrim Silver Ingot.webp 1 50 2x Silver Ore 0005ACE3 Ingot Miscellaneous Item
Steel Ingot Skyrim Steel Ingot.webp 1 20 1x Corundum Ore + 1x Iron Ore 0005ACE5 Ingot Miscellaneous Item

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