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Starfield:Vampire's Sidearm

Vampire's Sidearm
Vampire's Sidearm
Base Damage Physical Damage28
Fire Rate 80
DPS 37.3
Ammo .45 Caliber ACP
Mag Capacity 15
Accuracy 68.5%
Range 18
Mass 1.75
Mod Slots 3/4
Base Value 207739
Type Ballistic Pistol
Item ID 0207739
Variants Old Earth Pistol

The Vampire's Sidearm is a ballistic pistol, it's a unique variant of the Old Earth Pistol in Starfield. It uses .45 Caliber ACP ammo. It’s one of the few weapons that comes with a pre-attached silencer.

Weapon Effects

See full breakdown and information of all Weapon Effects.

Name Tier Effect Description
Med Theft 2 Chance that humans drop extra Med Packs on death Humans bodies have a 5% chance to contain 2 Med Packs in addition to their other loot


To find Vampires Sidearm location in Starfield you must travel to the UC MAST Building New Atlantis on Planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. Once inside the MAST building you can head to Subsection Seven where you will find a expert locked blue door which can be opened with a level 2 Security Skill. Inside the room you will find several storage containers and a weapon case that contains the unique Vampire’s Sidearm.

Modification.png Weapon Modification


Category Available Mods Effect
Internal Hair Trigger Installs a lighter trigger pull for increased Fire Rate
Magazines Large Magazine Increases Ammo capacity at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed and Reload speed
Suppressors Short Suppressor Vastly reduces acoustic intensity while increasing Accuracy at the cost of Range

Compatible Mods

Category Available Mods Effect
Batteries Armor-Piercing Rounds More powerful casing can penetrate even the sturdiest armors
Grips Tactical Grip A lighter grip that increases Aim Down Sight speed, Reload speed and Stability
Internal Hair Trigger Installs a lighter trigger pull for increased Fire Rate
Internal High Powered Increases Damage done
Internal High Velocity Internal module that increases accuracy and range
Magazines Large Magazine Increases Ammo capacity at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed and Reload speed
Magazines Standard Magazine Standard issue magazine
Muzzles Compensator Increases Stability and Hip-Fire accuracy at the cost of long-range Accuracy
Suppressors Short Suppressor Vastly reduces acoustic intensity while increasing Accuracy at the cost of Range
Suppressors Suppressor Vastly reduces acoustic intensity while increasing Accuracy at the cost of Range

Item tier.png Weapon Tier Level

Starfield has four weapon tier levels: Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced (in ascending order). The higher the tier, the better the damage of the weapon. As you level up, your chances of finding higher tier weapons increase, defeating higher level enemies will also increase the drop chance of best weapons. Note that superior weapons do exist, but they are incorrectly named as advanced weapons despite dealing more damage.

Unique Weapons in Starfield scale in base damage depending on their weapon tier level (Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced), but they keep the same unique name without any prefixes being added. You can find out more information on how to get the best version of each unique weapon you come across on the unique weapon tier system page.

Below you can find the stats for each tier level of this unique weapon.

Tier Loot Level Damage Change Damage Fire Rate DPS Tier ID
Base 0 0.0% Physical Damage28.0 67 31.3 0028FC08
Calibrated 22 57.0% Physical Damage44.0 67 49.1 0028FC09
Refined 32 68.0% Physical Damage73.9 67 82.5 0028FC0A
Advanced 42 75.0% Physical Damage129.2 67 144.3 0028FC0B

Weapon Categories

Unique Pistols

Pistols Ember.png

Unique Weapons in Starfield have a unique name, visual appearance, weapon mods and Depending on the unique weapon rarity weapon rarity (Rare, Epic or Legendary), it can have 1-3 pre-defined weapon effects that further enhance damage capabilities. For example, it may do double damage to targets who are full health.

Unlike the low chance of finding legendary weapons in loot, unique weapons have guaranteed locations where they can be found. This means you can prioritise on finding the best unique weapon location for your character build early on in your playthrough.

Below you will find a list of all the unique pistol locations in Starfield along with the weapon ID which can be used to add the weapon to your inventory using console commands.

Name Image Damage Fire Rate DPS Ammo Mag Capacity Accuracy Range Mass Mod Slots Value Item ID
Ace Sidearm Pistols Ace Sidearm.png Physical Damage10 40 10 .27 Caliber 17 72.0% 20 1.7 5/7 9468 002E073B
Ambassador Pistols Ambassador.png Physical Damage35 109 63.6 .43 Ultramag 8 75.2% 28 2 4/7 13127 001EEE4F
Deadeye Pistols Deadeye.png Physical Damage61 12 12.2 7.5mm Whitehot 6 68.9% 31 2.4 0/3 11130 001BBF2A
Elegance Pistols Elegance.png Physical Damage48 109 8.2 7.77mm Caseless 8 73.7% 17 1.5 5/7 18244 002E0725
Ember Pistols Ember.png Energy Damage12 25 5 1.5KV LZR Cartridge 16 73.6% 24 2.9 7/7 2735 002F99FF
Haphazard Handgun Pistols Haphazard Handgun.png Physical Damage40 67 44.6 .45 Caliber ACP 9 70.8% 24 1.6 4/5 29111 008AF5D
Keelhauler Pistols Keelhauler.png Physical Damage53 140 123.7 .43 MI Array 6 70.1% 24 3.5 4/6 43244 008d850
Marathon Pistols Marathon.png Physical Damage39 33 21.45 .43 Ultramag 7 71.4% 18 0.49 5/7 17280 002E82A2
Memento Mori Pistols Memento Mori.png Physical Damage17 40 11.3 .27 Caliber 17 69.% 20 0.49 4/7 3917 00316416
Radburn Pistols Radburn.png Physical Damage 7 + Energy Damage1 114 15.2 7.77mm Caseless 12 67.9% 20 0.65 4/6 2099 00207711
Short Circuit Pistols Short Circuit.png Energy Damage10 29 4.8 1.5KV LZR Cartridge 22 75.8% 32 4.5 3/7 8742 002E7C9C
Sir Livingstone's Pistol Pistol Old Earth Pistol.png Physical Damage28 67 31.3 45. Caliber ACP 15 69.2% 24 1.8 2/4 7612 001F27F5
Solace Pistols Solace.png Physical Damage39 30 19.5 .43 Ultramag 7 73% 24 3.15 6/7 10320 00AF68
Street Sweeper Pistols Street Sweeper.png Physical Damage3 180 9 6.5mm MI Array 25 74.7% 24 2.85 3/6 1723 002F3B1A
Terror Inflictor Pistols Terror Inflictor.png Physical Damage21 + Energy Damage65 34 48.7 Light Particle Fuse 12 71.7% 47 2.8 4/7 55662 0022A90C
The Mutineer Pistols The Mutineer.png Physical Damage181 161 485.68 .43 MI Array 6 63.1% 30 5.2 4/6 40967 00CAB0
The Prime Pistols The Prime.png Physical Damage61 12 12.2 7.5mm Whitehot 6 69.8% 31 3.6 5/8 21730 002DFD41
The Spacer Pistols The Spacer.png Physical Damage9 + Energy Damage30 25 16.25 Light Particle Fuse 12 70.2% 36 3.05 5/7 15207 001AC6C0
The Zapper Pistols The Zapper.png Physical Damage12 104 20.8 .27 Caliber 28 71.6% 24 2.85 6/7 9284 002D7913
Trickshot Pistols The Mutineer.png Physical Damage67 34 38.1 .43 MI Array 6 63.6% 30 5.1 4/7 37554 001AC6B1
Unfair Advantage Pistols Unfair Advantage.png Physical Damage51 75 63.8 7.5mm Whitehot 6 63.3% 36 2.05 6/8 16430 003CE4B1
Vampire's Sidearm Pistols Vampire's Sidearm.png Physical Damage28 80 37.3 .45 Caliber ACP 15 68.5% 18 1.75 3/4 207739 0207739

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